What Our Clients Say:

"Annette helped me through some big career decisions in a structured and supportive way, by getting my thoughts in order and giving me tools and techniques to identify my priorities and the things I wanted from my working life. I would highly recommend Annette as a career coach"

Career Coaching client feedback

The feedback you received from the team was fantastic! And I quote: "amazing", "one of the best courses I have ever done" and "Seeing Annette training us on the techniques she was also using to facilitate us was very powerful"

Client and participant feedback - Facilitation Skills Programme - Mettler-Toledo Ltd.

"Was very impressed with how well it worked online. It was excellent and didn't lose anything. Clearly a lot of preparation had taken place and it showed. The technology was good with the right level of slides, videos, breakouts, polls. Wasn't too gimmicky and distracting! Annette, you are clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and this comes across in your training. Was a very useful and enjoyable 2 sessions"

Participant feedback - Online Coaching Webinar - EMH Group

“Well run session, good fun and informative! Well paced. Well delivered. Loved the session, fun but very interesting! Annette, you are very professional and delivery was excellent. Thanks”

Participant feedback - Team-building and Personal Effectiveness day - NHS

"This work has been instrumental in improving the quality of both the Performance Management and Career planning processes, and more significantly in increasing the capability of line managers and individuals to own and implement it successfully. As a result our measures of Staff Satisfaction have improved significantly over the last 9 months. There have been many unprompted positive comments made about your facilitation. E.g. ‘Annette is excellent, she really draws the learning out of you, and helps individuals to think for themselves’"

Performance Management Project: redesign, guidance materials and a series of Workshops - private sector client

"I found the experience hugely beneficial. My role has changed significantly in recent months and the sessions enabled me to really get my thinking straight. Being able to talk through all that stuff clogging up my brain without feeling rushed or having that awful feeling of being judged was so helpful. I couldn’t have unravelled all that on my own. Really enabled me to get to where I needed to be"

Coaching client feedback

"Annette was professional, thoughtful, encouraging and approachable. I thought she would give me the answers – and she actually did, although not how I was expecting, but by creating space and prompting thoughts and words to help me provide my own!"

Coaching client feedback

"Excellent delivery by trainer. Well-structured session. A great workshop that gave useful ways to address my approach to situations that would usually have been negative" (Positive Thinking) "Reviewing skills and strengths and re-evaluating what is important to you and what you need to get where you want to be. Annette Heritage is excellent!" (Driving your Career)

Bite Size Workshop participants - Boots UK